About Afrodeep

Hello. My name is Eric. I am the founder of AfroDeep.com. AfroDeep is a personal listings website that helps you connect with other people in your local area. We host a classified posts section devoted to diverse topics as well as an adult section for more spicy tastebuds :-).

The main motivation for starting AfroDeep is to create a safe online space for men and women to connect and express themselves. AfroDeep respects your privacy. We collect very minimal data about you to aid your experience. You do not need to create an account to use AfroDeep. You can use our innovative email relay to protect from scammers and fackin fraudsters.

Email Relay Communication (ERC)

AfroDeep uses email relay communication to thwart Spammers and protect your identity until you are ready to share it. Here is how our email relay system works:-

  • You write a new post and submit. By default, your post will not be published immediately.
  • AfroDeep sends a publish link to your email address. To publish your post, you MUST prove you are human by clicking the publish link
  • Once the post is published, AfroDeep will send post management links to the provided address
  • Post management links are secure master keys that allow you to edit or delete your post at any time
  • All replies to your post will be sent to the provided email address
  • Currently, we do not support replies with our relay system. This feature is currently being tested and will be announced soon!


AfroDeep uses SSL encryption everywhere. Our servers reside in a neutral country with good data protection laws. We collect near zero data about you. No registration is needed to use AfroDeep. Our servers are hardened and monitored for secure runtime.